We will be having a Flash Fire sale to help with initial marketing and exchange listing fees @ the price of .03 per $SUN token 1BNB = 11000 $SUN Minimum 0.2 BNB Maximum 5.0 BNB To participate in FlashFire sale send BNB directly to: 0xD3fEACca0cd79eC3a73aeCF2713352d222db0758 After our flash sale reaches its cap we will have a DxSale App presale @ the price of 0.4 per $SUN token 1BNB = 8250 $SUN 70% Liquidity will then be locked via our DxSaleApp Presale PancakeSwap Launch @ the price of .06 per $SUN token 1BNB = 5500 $SUN
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Joshu$UNbwill be giving away an Airdrop to all early HODLRS 2.5M For the 1st wave 1.5M the 2nd wave and 1M total for the 3rd and final wave. To be eligible you must complete the required fields in the airdrop form and buy your first allocation via Telegram Flash fire sale or DxSale App.After PancakeSwap listing if you sell anytime before the snapshot YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED
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